Navneet :- Can you tell me how to ask for a referral to someone for a SDE role at top product based companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Me :-
Hello Sir/Mam,

I am so glad to find that you work at *****.

Could you please give me a referral for SDE at *****? It will speedup the timeline of my interview process.

This is me in short:-

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s from *****.

Taking about my Technical skills, I am skilled in Data Structures and Algorithms. I have solved more than **** problems on LeetCode and counting. I am * star coder at CodeChef, **** rating at CodeForces, * star coder at HackerRank. I have solved more than **** problems on GeeksforGeeks as well.

Talking about my interpersonal skills, I am good in communication skills as well as good in working in a team.

I feel I am ready for **** interviews. I just need a chance.

Thank you
Resume attached

PS :- Try to speak in numbers rather than stars bcoz it can happen that you are asking referral from a non technical person and he or she doesn’t know about these platforms or stars. So, it’s better to present them in a quantifiable manner.

Hola🖐, I’m Currently a Sophomore student @MMMUT !